What is cashflow?

Cashflow is having the right amount of money coming in (revenue) to cover what is going out (expenses). Good cashflow is when you have the available working capital to cover expenses and make sure that you can pay people, as well as having some left over.

How do I manage my cashflow?

Whether you are a business owner or primary producer, Proactive can work with you and your bank to determine your current financial standing, and construct a cashflow forecast to help you manage your cashflow effectively. There are a range of cashflow solutions, depending on what particular issue you are currently having with your business’s cashflow. The solutions that are most often applied are:

  • Improved debtor management
  • Obtaining funds from your bank
  • Improved invoicing processes
  • Improved stock level management
  • Improved overheads management
  • Improved work in progress management
  • Debtor finance solutions

Although everybody talks about making more profit, you cannot do this without the cashflow to meet your commitments and to provide capital for your business to grow. Our experienced team can help you find solutions.


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"Chaffey Power have being dealing with Andrew and his team for over 5 years. During this time Andrew’s advice and guidance has been exceptionally professional, accurate and has exceeded our expectations. Andrew’s expert advice has been highly beneficial and critical to Chaffey Power’s forecasting and budgeting moving forward in the Hire Industry."

- Matt Rouvray,
Operations Manager,
Chaffey Power