Why do I need to get my estate in order?

Estate planning is very important, it is something that we will all need to have in order one day. If not, your estate may not be divided how you intended. It is surprising how many people do not have their wills or Enduring Power of Attorney in place. If you do, it is important to regularly update – particularly if there is a change in circumstances. This is even more important in a business with complex structure such as companies and trusts.

Self-managed superannuation does not make up part of your will so this also requires careful attention to ensure that it goes where you intend. Super can sometimes work out to be your largest or second largest asset. Proactive Accounting Solutions work closely with you and your solicitor to determine what you would like to happen with your estate. Sometimes estate planning and succession planning can work hand in hand, particularly for primary producers handing down the farm.

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"Chaffey Power have being dealing with Andrew and his team for over 5 years. During this time Andrew’s advice and guidance has been exceptionally professional, accurate and has exceeded our expectations. Andrew’s expert advice has been highly beneficial and critical to Chaffey Power’s forecasting and budgeting moving forward in the Hire Industry."

- Matt Rouvray,
Operations Manager,
Chaffey Power