Identify Your Goals and Make a Plan

We don’t charge to get to know you, but rather to fix your problems and assist in achieving your goals. Therefore, your initial consultation with a Proactive accountant is on us! This first appointment allows your accountant to get to know you, financially and personally. From this meeting, we will formulate a personalised implementation plan and forward it to you. This plan will outline:

  • Your primary objectives
  • How Proactive can assist in achieving those objectives
  • What outcomes could be achieved
  • Upfront pricing options
  • Proposed timeframes



Regular Strategic Meetings

Along with the regular accounting duties taken care of, your Proactive service can include periodic strategic meetings. These meetings include:

  • A review of your numbers via a management report pack that includes a one page key numbers report, profit & loss, balance sheet, debtor/creditor reports, wage reports and any other relevant reports and information.
  • Discussion of any issues surrounding your numbers, including potential fixes/improvements that could be made.
  • Strategic review of current business position; including identifying threats and opportunities.
  • Short, medium and long term planning to ensure we reach your objectives and goals


Afterwards, you will be provided with a summary of the meeting and a To Do List for you and one for us, to make sure that what was discussed gets implemented. We will then also be able to assist with further services such as, but not limited to:

  • Business restructures
  • Cashflow projections and comparisons
  • Estate planning
  • Debtor management
  • Access to cashflow from banks and other cashflow solutions
  • Review of product margins and costs
  • Overhead review
  • Advice on CGT, tax, wage matters etc
  • Bookkeeping


The End Goal

Depending on what you want to achieve, there are a number of outcomes that Proactive Accounting Solutions can work with you to achieve. These include:

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"Mackay Building Supplies is a mid-size business that can’t justify a full time accountant on staff. However Proactive Accounting Solutions are definitely an integral part of our team. Basically PAS take the uncertainty out of our financial commitments and obligations, allowing us to go forward with confidence."

- Graeme Kingsbury,
Mackay Building Supplies